We’re thrilled that you love living here! Tell us your story by completing the form below! We ask that you share your story in a video no longer than 90 seconds. To provide an example of what your video could look like, please see the content suggestions listed below. Keep in mind, we encourage creativity so don’t be afraid to share what makes your story unique.

Video Quality:

Your horizontal video must be high quality resolution which can be filmed in various ways:

  • One take would be preferred
  • Smart phone
  • Computer camera
  • Other camera

Video Content Suggestions:

We encourage creativity when making your video! You may film your testimony at a location or establishment that makes Indiana special to you. Whether it’s at your favorite outdoor spot, restaurant, partaking in your favorite hobby, showing off your place of work, or even your own backyard—feel free to incorporate it!

  • How long have you been in Indiana?
  • Where did you move from?
  • Why did you move to Indiana?
  • Why do you love Indiana?
  • What is special about your Indiana community?
  • If you weren’t excited about moving to Indiana, that’s okay, you can mention that! Share why that changed once you got here.
  • Why do you plan on being a lifelong Hoosier?
  • If you had one piece of advice to share with those watching who don’t know anything about Indiana, what would it be?

Please proudly state “My name is ___ and I am a Hoosier By Choice!” at the end of your video. If needed, you can upload up to two video files.

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